Stone Age

Stone Age 1.10

Live the life of a caveman... but one with a PDA!

This story happened thousands of years ago, when people still lived in dark and cold caves. Their neighbourhood was flooded with dinosaurs, gigantic bears and mammoths.

In one of such dark and cold caves there lived an ordinary cave man. He did not have a name, but he had a very good appetite and curiosity.

You will explore you cave neighbourhood, visit the village where cannibals live, open the secrets of pre-historic forest and go down the hollow of the mighty tree. During your journey you will even reach the areas of permanent snow where you will find a huge ice cave. Every level is dangerous but at the same time has some pleasant surprises.

Beware of bears and mammoths, wild birds and hungry squirrels – they are extremely dangerous. Collect various bonuses – they will satisfy your constant hunger.

Game features in Stone Age include:

  • 8 Levels occupied by the big number of the diversified monsters
  • More than 30 kinds of various bonuses
  • 3 Kinds of the weapon

Help a poor cave man and remember that he is not the only one to feel hungry!

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Stone Age


Stone Age 1.10

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